Dec 16, 2008

Using Facebook Fan Pages and Email

Here’s another quick tip from Aarron. After he sent his wife’s email campaign for Soup Studios (which we just showcased here on our blog), he jumped over to her Facebook Fan Page, selected the "Send an Update to Fans" option:

and then sent her fans a link to her campaign archive. If you’re an artist that’s using MailChimp and Facebook, you might want to consider combining the two.

Here’s how to find your campaign’s archive link (hint: it’s not the link at the top of the email that you sent to yourself)…

After you send your MailChimp campaign, go to your stats page:

Right above your nifty pie-chart, click the "view campaign" link:

Then click on the "Campaign Archive" link:

This will open up a window to your campaign’s online archive. When you use this link, any merge tags that you have in there (like *|FNAME|*) will be empty. Also, certain links, like the unsubscribe link, will be turned off. This is why you don’t want to use the "View this in your browser" link to post any campaigns that you’ve sent to yourself online.

Did you know that you can actually create your own "Email Archives" page on your website, and MailChimp will keep it automatically updated whenever you send new campaigns? And that it’s totally free?

You just use our campaign archive folders: