Sep 17, 2009

Using Conditional Merge Tags for Prizes

We just noticed using our dynamic content merge tags in a cool way.

In their website footer, they have an email signup box with an incentive to "win an iPod touch:"

Then, whenever they send their emails, they pick a winner and use this dynamic content merge tag in their campaign:

Congratulations, you appear to be this month’s winner of an
iPod touch! Please contact us by replying to this message,
using the contact us form on our website, or giving us a call
to claim your prize. When you contact us, please mention
codeword: EXAMPLECODE to help us verify your identity.
<strong>joh***** is this month’s winner!</strong><br>
Sorry, you didn’t win this month, please watch this area in
future issues to see if you’re our next iPod touch winner!

We’ve always been an advocate of small prizes and giveaways in newsletters, but sometimes picking a winner and notifying them separately can become a real chore. This is a pretty big timesaver. Nice!

For a full list of merge tags you can use, check out our merge tag cheatsheet.