Jan 18, 2009

Upload Email Campaign by ZIP File

If you’re a web designer, you probably prefer to just code your own HTML emails, rather than use one of our built-in templates and WYSIWYG. We totally understand.

So we made it really easy to get your beautiful work loaded into MailChimp with our "Upload ZIP file" button.

Just take all your files, put them into a neat little folder (you can even organize your assets into as many sub-folders as you want), then compress everything into one .ZIP file.

Choose the "paste/Import HTML" tab when building a campaign, then click the "Import Zip file" button.  Upload it to MailChimp, and we’ll extract everything and turn it into an HTML email. We’ll even host your images on our server (free), and prep it for delivery.

All you have to do now is hit the "Send" button.