Feb 28, 2011

Upgrade in progress

Some updates on those new features I announced a couple days ago:

  • We launched everything this morning at 7am ET at one of our data centers, and so far so good. If things continue this way, we’ll launch the new features for all our other users. This means some of you will see the features, and some of you won’t. By tomorrow morning, the new features should be live across all accounts.
  • One of the changes we made was hosting everything in the app through SSL. In the past, we only hosted important stuff over SSL. Now, it’s everything. This is a technical requirement for us to get certain integrations with other apps completed. Anyway, when you run an app the size of MailChimp, with gazillions of files on dozens of servers and CDNs all over the place, you’re gonna have some "straggler" files that didn’t get moved over under SSL. So from time to time, you might encounter a "Mixed media content warning" (especially if you’re one of those people forced into using IE at work — so sorry). Don’t be alarmed. We’ll find them all and get them moved over eventually. This process is a lot like dropping those dye tablets into your toilet to find leaks. Sometimes, you just gotta flip the switch and fix stuff as it gets reported. Wait too long trying to be perfect, and nothing gets done.
  • We did some database optimization that has dramatically improved sending speed. If your lists are very large, you should see things send 30-40 times faster. Users with large lists should see some reports being generated about 20% faster, too. Basically, if you’re working with extremely large lists, you’ll probably notice a big difference. All other users might notice a little bit of improvement here and there.

We’ll be publishing more detailed blog posts shortly. Thanks!