Mar 10, 2011

Filling the Gap: MailChimp’s Mobile Web App

These days, everyone’s on the go. You probably need access to MailChimp reports and the ability to add new subscribers from home, the office, the car (not while driving, of course), wherever you are. MailChimp’s mobile lab works hard to bring native apps to popular platforms (like Chimpadeeoo, Golden Monkeys and MailChimp for iPhone), but we know there are lots more devices to address. Our mobile web app helps fill that gap.

You might have noticed that we updated the mobile version of the app when we redesigned the app earlier this year. The original mobile web app was released back in 2008—it was time for an update.

MailChimp Mobile Web App

Support for More Devices

There have been a bunch of mobile devices released in the past 3 years. How can we build an app to support all of them? We can’t. But we’ve decided to pursue the most popular devices and keep an eye on our analytics to determine what people are using to access their MailChimp account.

Report Details in

Report Detail in Mobile Web App

This new release of our mobile web app looks and works best in WebKit-based browsers. Some supported operating systems include:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Android (2.0 provides the best experience)
  • webOS 2.0
  • BlackBerry 6
  • Palm Pre 2.0

Here’s a current feature list:

  • View Chimp Chatter
  • View Reports (Overview stats, Tweets and Facebook Likes)
  • View a Click Report
  • Add Subscribers to Your Lists

Our mobile web app is a nice on-the-go version of MailChimp.

My Phone Isn’t Fancy

The mobile version of MailChimp will run just fine on your phone, but you’ll have a text-only experience for now. We’ll continue to add content and style for other mobile devices as we look at usage numbers.

If you’re looking for an app you can install on your device (native apps), you may want to check out MailChimp for iPhone or MiniChimp for BlackBerry.