Apr 13, 2011

Updated Wistia Video Integration– Analytics Junkies Beware

If you’ve ever wanted to embed a video inside your email campaign, you’ll know that you can’t really do it. The player files required to play rich media are seen as a security threat by most email clients, so in turn they’re not allowed. We created our video merge tags to address this problem and currently offer merge tag support for YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Vzaar and now Wistia:

wistia stats view

Which is particularly cool, because of the video engagement analytics that Wistia provides. Without further adieu, here’s a quick video from Wistia’s Brendan and Chris to tell you all about their awesome new MailChimp integration:



Initially, when Wistia generates the URL for your video and merge tag for your MailChimp campaign, some tracking info is appended. This allows Wistia to provide game changing analytics for each person on your MailChimp list, including who’s watching your video, where they’re geographically located, and even how much of the video they watched. That’s amazingly powerful, actionable data!

wistia stats page

Accessing these stats is super easy. Once you send out your campaign, head over to Wistia and log in. Click on the "Stats" menu at the top of the screen, then "Public and Embed Stats".

For a complete walkthrough of how to set up the integration and use it in your MailChimp campaign, check out this tutorial.