May 23, 2011

Facebook Send Button Added to Archive Bar

Our us2 users will notice something a bit different about the archive bar for sent campaigns. We’ve updated it to more closely mimic the look and feel of the MailChimp application, in addition to adding Facebook’s Send button as a sharing option. (Fear not, us1 users. You’ll have the new archive bar available tomorrow when we complete the v5.9 upgrade.)

Here’s what the old archive bar looked like:

What is this Facebook Send Button?

So what’s this Facebook Send button ("Share" button on the campaign archive page) and why would you want to use it? When you click the Like button, it posts content to your Facebook wall and all of your friends can see it in their newsfeeds. With the Send/Share button, you can share your email campaign with a specific Facebook group, just a few friends, or even just one person. Think of the Send/Share button as a more targeted, more intimate way of sharing content.

When you share something via the Send/Share button, the message will include a link to the archived version of your email campaign, along with the title (your subject line), image, and short description of the link.

Facebook Send Merge Tag

You can also add the Send button to your campaign, just as you would the Like button. The merge tag to use is

* |FACEBOOK:SEND| * (without the extra spaces)

Here’s how it’ll appear in your campaign:

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