Oct 3, 2013

Update to the WordPress Plugin

With more than half a million downloads, the MailChimp List Subscribe Form plugin is one of our most popular WordPress plugins. While the core functionality worked (it does a great job at subscribing new members to your list!), we learned from the reviews and support questions we received that it was time to give its design a refresh. With version 1.3, we made it easier to connect, navigate, and customize.

OAuth2 support

One of the first things we wanted to accomplish with the new plugin was to use OAuth2 for connecting MailChimp accounts. This makes connecting really easy, as there’s no longer a need to locate your API key, then copy and paste it into the plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, from the MailChimp Setup menu, click Connect.


You’ll then see a popup where you can log in with your MailChimp username and password.


Cleaner settings menu

After logging in and connecting your MailChimp account, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the settings menu received a makeover. Individual sections are broken out into a much easier to read format. Each section still has its own configurable options, so you can customize some form settings, adjust the default color scheme to your own custom version, and choose which merge fields and groups to display and hide as you see fit.


We’ve also cleaned up some messaging, so it’s clearer where you go to edit the plugin’s settings.


More internationalization

Our customers wanted better support for international field types, like phone numbers and dates. In addition to some CSS updates, we made those changes.


Now you can configure date fields to display in your desired format automatically. If you’ve got mixed US and international date formats, no problem—the date picker will automatically display it based on the field’s setting.


Plugin facelift

One of the biggest requests we see in the WordPress support forum is to make the default plugin a little easier on the eyes. With this update, the plugin will no longer put the widget in a blue box by default. Instead, that styling will be disabled, and the form will inherit the default properties for the widget area to which it’s added. This means the form will naturally fit into your site, regardless of the theme you’re using. Of course, you can still customize the form by adjusting the CSS to your liking. We also included a CSS cheat sheet at the bottom of the MailChimp Setup page, in case you need some help along the way.


The plugin is available now, so go ahead and update or try it here. Hope you like it!