Jul 15, 2005

Upcoming v2.2 Enhancements

ListlinkWork continues on MailChimp v2.2 enhancements. We recently got the knowledge base and live chat working, and so far so good. People seem to like the immediacy of chat support, but I must say it hurts our feelings when we help someone super quick, then they just close the window while we’re still typing our "goodbye, thanks for using MailChimp" message (wiping away the tears).

There’s other cool stuff in the works, too.

The next item we’re wrapping up for v2.2 is List Management. We built Mailchimp almost 4 years ago for geeky people like us: web developers who could manage their own databases on their own servers, but wanted to outsource delivery and tracking (you know, stuff a monkey should be doing for you).

So "List Management" isn’t that exciting to our power users, but all the small businesses, creatives, and non-profit groups who use MailChimp are going to love it. It’s going to let you upload your recipient list, automatically handle unsubscribes, clean the list of bounces, build and tweak your opt-in and opt-out landing pages, send double-opt-in confirmations, and all the other usual stuff you see included in those tools built for non-technical do-it-yourselfers. Of course, we’ll be adding some MailChimp niceties, and our interface won’t make you want to rip your hair out and kick your neighbor’s dog.

We can’t give any specifics, but we’re in early testing right now, and will be launching sometime in August (if all goes well).