Aug 16, 2006

United Online (Juno, NetZero) Spam Complaints

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted into United Online’s feedback loop (they run NetZero, Juno,, and more). So now, if a recipient on their network reports one of your campaigns as spam, that recipient will be automatically removed from your list (we also automatically clean recipients who complain from AOL and Hotmail).

MailChimp shows you how many abuse complaints you got for every single campaign you send (screenshot)

FYI, this isn’t just a "shut ’em up & move on" tactic. Our whole team gets a copy of every single one of those ISP feedback complaints. Personally. So if complaints ever exceed a certain reasonable threshold, we’ll investigate accounts for abuse pretty fast.

This is just one of many different ways we try to keep our system spam-free and clean for all our users.