Aug 11, 2010

Unbounce Integration With MailChimp

UnbounceUnbounce is "the world’s simplest DIY landing page platform." That means they make it easy to create, publish and test custom landing pages. Custom landing pages are great for when you’re running a specific ad campaign or promotion and want to send traffic to a targeted page within your own site. Recently Unbounce announced an integration with MailChimp that allows you to automatically send information from an Unbounce form to your MailChimp list, no coding required.

Here’s an example…

I recently used Unbounce to promote our MailChimp & Facebook webinars. Everytime we promoted the Facebook webinars, we sent people to this Unbounce landing page with detailed info about the training sessions and links to register for the sessions.

unbounce landing page

But, we’re working on more webinars that cover our new social features, so I wanted to give people who are interested in this Facebook webinar the option to be the first to know about new social training sessions. Thanks to Unbounce’s MailChimp integration, I was able to add a form to our landing page and in one click set the form to sync with our MailChimp list.

As a result, we’ve filled each Facebook webinar to capacity and have a mailing list of about 100 people who signed up to hear about our future social webinars.

Want more specifics? Here’s a much more detailed video from Unbounce on setting up the integration.