Jul 3, 2009

Tracking Twitter Tweets about Your Email Campaigns in MailChimp

As you probably already know, every time you finish a MailChimp campaign and send it off, you can post a link to the campaign archive on twitter, facebook, and other social networks (details):


In order to make this work on twitter, we had to create our own URL shortener (EepURL).

Well, ever since then, people have been asking us for some magical way to track how many people tweeted and re-tweeted about their email campaigns, and then sticking all those stats into MailChimp.

So we did that. It’ll be going live mid-July, with MailChimp v4.2.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. How many people tweeted about the campaign
  2. How many people re-tweeted
  3. Who the tweeters are
  4. Timeline of tweetage from original tweet

We’re extremely excited about this integration because we’re seeing more and more of our customers (nearly 10% now) using Twitter in conjunction with their MailChimp campaigns. Now you can see how they’re intertwined!