Dec 23, 2005

Tis the Season for Holiday E-Cards

Safariscreensnapz003If you’re a creative agency, ’tis the season for sending fun, interactive email cards to all your clients. Some old business fogies say "e-cards aren’t as good as hand-written cards." Nonsense. We think e-cards can be waaaay better. It’s easy to sign your name on an old fashioned "offline" card, or write some boring, handwritten letter (yaaawn). But nothing says, "I really care" like spending hours and hours crafting your own e-card masterpiece. "Animation, tweening and sound files" are the new "Elmer’s glue, crayons, and glitter." They love this stuff! Just remember to use the safety scissors, kids.

Innersync Studios sent us a great holiday e-card, and we just had to post it for all to see. It’s cute and interactive (I just love the way they drew the eyeballs), and it made me chuckle. They used Flash to give it interactivity and sound. And instead of embedding the flash movie right in the message (something you can technically do with HTML email, but most anti-virus applications will block it), they just placed a simple "You’ve received an Innersync e-card" link in the message, which takes you to a landing page with the flash movie. Click here to see the e-card (turn up your volume)…

And it’s not too late to send an e-card, either. Here at The Rocket Science Group (the nerds behind MailChimp) we typically schedule ours to send on New Year’s Day. Remember, we’re just a bunch of geeks, so don’t laugh when you see this old example. Happy holidays, everybody!