Feb 18, 2009

Tips For C-Level Email Invitations

Ever had to write an email event invitation directed at C-Level executives? Did it tank? Karen Gedney offers some extremely useful advice on how to craft upscale email invitations (that I suspect you could use for *any* emails) to C-Level fat cats.

She offers nice tips on:

  • What kind of from-name to use
  • How to craft a subject line with a little urgency
  • Designing RSVP buttons (big, red, beveled buttons don’t work)
  • Logistics info you need to include

Great advice there. Hat tip to Tamara Gielen for the link.

When you’re crafting and testing email invitations, it helps to do some A/B testing (try different from-names, subject lines, and email designs). MailChimp makes A/B testing easy, with our patent-pending automatic A/B tester.