Apr 14, 2009

Tip: Autoresponders Based on Future Date

Let’s say you’re a wedding planner, and you want to offer a series of email tips called "Countdown to your wedding." Keep in mind I eloped, so I know absolutely nothing about weddings. This is just theoretical here.

You can do that with MailChimp’s Autoresponders.

Just build your signup form with a date field like this:


Then, build a series of autoresponders that build up to that due date like this:


Notice that in my signup form, there was a checkbox for "send me free planning tips."

So when you build the actual autoresponder email, you can target only subscribers who asked for the free tips:


You can actually do this for any big future event, like baby due date, "when you plan to purchase" dates, and even annually recurring dates like birthdays and anniversaries.