Jul 14, 2009

Timeline View for Campaigns Dashboard

thm-timeline-viewIf you’d like, you can now switch from a list (or "grid") view of your MailChimp Campaigns Dashboard to a "timeline view."

This is handy if you send lots of test campaigns and different campaign types (especially daily RSS-to-email campaigns from your blog), and your grid view is getting a little unwieldy…

On your Campaigns Dashboard, click on this link (near the top right of the list):


Your campaigns grid will switch to this timeline view:


As you can see, you can click on any of the dots to get a pop-up balloon with more campaign info. Click again to drill down to the campaign. At the bottom of the screen, you can scroll the timeline horizontally to move around.

By the way, if your campaigns list is getting crowded, don’t forget about the smart folders in the left column of the screen. Smart folders automatically organize your drafts, RSS, and scheduled campaigns.They’re the little purple folders in the left column:

MailChimp's Smart Folders

MailChimp's Smart Folders

You can also create your own folders and organize campaigns that way. Just click the "New Folder" button right underneath the smart folders:

Creating a new campaigns folder in MailChimp

Creating a new campaigns folder in MailChimp

Speaking of organizing this screen, if you send daily RSS campaigns it used to be really hard to find your "source" campaign in the list of all your daily updates. So now, if you click on the "RSS-to-email" smart folder in the left column, then on the RSS-feed, you’ll notice the source campaign is always at the top of the list: