Oct 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Subject Line Research

While tinkering around with some holiday email ideas, I plugged the words "Thanksgiving" and "Turkey" into our new subject line suggester:


Obviously these subject lines are a little obfuscated, but you can get a lot of ideas from this tool…

Sell it to me Straight

Subject lines with "Happy Thanksgiving" didn’t perform quite as well as a presumably boring "Thanksgiving from ____"

Avoid Writing a Turkey of a Subject Line

And the mere mention of "turkey" just seems to make open rates plummet. Maybe we’re all not-so-thankful of turkey after Thanksgiving?

Do "Sales" Really Work?

And look at "Thanksgiving Sale" One miserable star? Probably an overused phrase. Or is it? Let’s run the word "sale" through the subject line suggester:


Look at that. The phrase "Sales Ends Friday" got a 5 star rating! So maybe a generic "sale" subject is not as good as a more specific subject line with an ultimatum. On that topic, you might want to look at Mark Brownlow’s really detailed study of Amazon’s "salesy" subject lines.

Next: Testing Your Ideas

So the Subject Line Suggester is a great way to get ideas (ideas that had great open rates) for your email campaigns. After jotting down some different ideas, you may want to create an A/B Subject line test in MailChimp.