May 5, 2012

Thanks, ReplyTo.

Update: ReplyTo has joined forces with Mandrill to make Conversations, an even better solution to the auto-reply problem.

I just sent a MailChimp email update to almost 1.8 million recipients (here’s a copy if you’d like to read it). Whenever I do this, I normally get over 10,000 of those "I’m on vacation!" or "I have a new email address!"  auto-replies in my inbox. It’s sort of an ironic reward for growing your email list. I appreciate irony as much as anyone, but the auto-replies can really put a damper on the fun I get from checking my stats, and replying to actual human recipients. So I hooked up our new app, ReplyTo.

Above, you can see it in action. So far, it’s prevented 3,200 of those autoreplies from flooding my inbox, and it’s even updated a few email addresses for me.  With all this free time, maybe I’ll take a vacation or something.