Dec 1, 2010

Text to Subscribe

Update: A lot can change in a short time out on the interwebs and this is no exception. SunDrop Mobile recently went through some changes and they’re no longer offering or supporting this integration. A potential alternative that offers similar functionality is MobileChimp. You can find information about MobileChimp here:

In the January of 2008, I was visiting my family in Iowa for the holidays. It was smack in the middle of the presidential election, and Iowa was the frontline of the political battleground as candidates jockeyed for position in the first primary. I attended a few rallies, and observed how the various campaigns organized their grassroots teams. At one rally, a campaign representative took the stage and asked that the thousands of people in attendance text a shortcode to a specified number in order to subscribe to a mailing list. In seconds, they had just turned a one time meeting into a recurring conversation.

Text to subscribe is powerful. It’s such an invaluable tool at events, retail stores, or any other place where a signup form just isn’t convenient enough to encourage people to subscribe. Our phones are with us more than our computers these days. The easier you make it for people to join your mailing list, the faster it will grow.

The talented folks at Sundrop Mobile have set up an amazing text-to-subscribe service that lets any MailChimp customer choose a shortcode and attach it to a mailing list so you can make it super easy for your audience to sign up. It takes about five minutes to setup, and the first 200 text subscribes are free-o-charge. Sundrop is also generously giving MailChimp customers discounts on the use of the service long term.

There are lots of creative ways you can use use it:

  • Add your shortcode and number to your business card so people you meet have an easy way to sign up on the spot.
  • Post a sign at your store asking people in line to text to sign up.
  • Drop the shortcode on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Heck, you could even add it to the top of your regular subscribe form on your site.

I recently saw the always entertaining band OK Go at the fabulous 40Watt club in Athens, GA. They asked their audience to text to subscribe in order to receive a free track from the concert later on. It was a brilliant way to keep people excited about the band well after the event. Setup an autoresponder for the list connected to Sundrop Mobile and poof! You’re now as cool as OK Go.

We love that Sundrop just made it easier for all of us to look like rock stars with our audience. Kinda awesome.