Nov 24, 2008

New Text Color Picker Thingy

So I walked into Octane Coffee, my favorite local coffee joint (who also happens to use MailChimp), and Danielle, the person who does their email campaigns, told me that she was working on a cool Halloween party email invitation, and was having trouble changing her font colors…

Normally, their email template uses lots of soft blue, which is the Octane trademark color. Here’s a snippet from one of their past campaigns:

But for this one-time-only Halloween invite, she just wanted her headlines and text to be red (below is a screenshot of their super cool design):

So I told her, "Go change the headline styles to be red for that template, and then when you make headlines, they’ll be red from now on." I further added that "we do it this way to help you maintain brand consistency. You don’t want staff members to be mucking up your templates, you know."

Then she said, "Soooo I can’t just select the text and make it red?"

Touché, Danielle.


So we added this little text color picker to our toolbar, so you can change any text to any color you want:

Go nuts!

But please people, no hot-pink comic sans.


I guess the folks at OctaneCoffee noticed this blog post, because in their next newsletter I saw this down at the bottom of their side column:

har har.