Mar 12, 2008

Test Your Event Reminders

MailChimp holds a Getting Started Webinar every Wednesday. We basically send an invitation to all the new free trials that signed up the previous week, and invite them to watch us run through the basics. Most people end up figuring out MailChimp on their own, but a handful of people enjoy a live demo.

Anyway, we used to send a reminder every Monday, giving people the dial-in instructions for the Wednesday webinar. A couple weeks ago, the job duties for sending those invitations got passed on to someone else in the office, who forgot to send the invitation on Monday. Oops.

So he sent it on Tuesday instead, and we noticed the attendance rate almost doubled. Just by sending on a different day. We’ve since changed the invitation schedule to Tuesdays, and are still enjoying consistently better attendance.

Is it because Tuesdays are better than Mondays? Or is it simply because the invitation is being sent closer to the event? You can hope for an accidental discovery like ours, or you can use our automated A/B testing tool to find out yourself.