Dec 8, 2011

Templates for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and with Christmas and Hanukkah fast-approaching it seems like a good time to highlight some of our related templates. With over 30 holiday-themed templates to choose from, we’ve got you covered whether you’re sending out party invitations, selling some of the season’s most anticipated toys, or just sending out a newsletter with a Christmas twist.

First up is a look at the newest templates in our library: Christmas-themed templates from MailChimp-certified Experts, Creative Media Farm. This month these fine folks delivered quite a selection, with styles ranging from modern:

The 'Modern Christmas' template by Creative Media Farm
A clean and modern take on the Christmas theme.

To designs like this one, which veers in a more traditional direction:

The 'Christmas Stockings' template by Creative Media Farm
What’s more traditional than a fireplace mantle and stockings?

Overall, the folks at Creative Media Farm made sure that there plenty of templates for you to choose from:

More Christmas templates by Creative Media Farm
A few of the templates designed by Creative Media Farm.

The Christmas templates above are only part of the number of holiday designs we’ve got within the pre-designed library. You can also find various designs from MailChimp itself, with a number of designs that are whimsical:

The 'Gifted Snowmen' template by MailChimp
Only Calvin and Hobbes features better-looking snowmen.

Or more traditional:

The 'Holly Ribbon Notecard' template by MailChimp
The versatile ‘Holly Ribbon Notecard’ template.

And it’s not just Christmas that we cover. You can also find a few Hanukkah templates. And if those designs don’t pique your interest, the majority of our ‘holiday’ templates are flexible in their use, and could work well for Festivus, Saturnalia (if you happen to be an ancient Roman), or whatever it is you happen to celebrate.

As always, these and any other pre-designed templates can be found once you create an email campaign and, on step 3 of campaign creation (template selection), navigate to the ‘pre-designed’ template category. You’ll find Christmas, Hanukkah, and the rest of our holiday-themed templates within the ‘Holiday’ subcategory. Just pick your desired template and edit away: many are quite flexible in their designs, and allow for a high degree of customization through our template style editor.

Enjoy. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!