Aug 27, 2008

Tell a friend about MailChimp, earn Inbox Inspections

We’ve recently upgraded our Inbox Inspector to include a bunch more email previews from ISPs and webmail services around the world.

You click one button, and bam—we’ll screenshot your campaign in a few dozen email readers, and check it in all the major spam filters.

Now we want to get more people using it to check their email campaigns.

So we added a teeny-tiny little "tell-a-friend" link in our interface:


Click that link, and tell your friends to try MailChimp. For every new customer you send us, we’ll add 3 inbox inspections to your MailChimp account, plus we’ll give you and the friend you refer $30 in MailChimp services.

You can even track how many people you’ve referred and how many rewards you’ve earned by using the new MonkeyRewards dashboard under your MailChimp account.