Jul 18, 2011

TED + MailChimp: An Integration Worth Spreading


TED 2010, Marla Aufmuth

TED is an incredible nonprofit, and we love that their talks are devoted to "ideas worth spreading." The conference features influential speakers like Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Dawkins and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who have 18 minutes each to share their best ideas. TED posts the talks for free, so everyone can get in on the inspiration.

TED is one of more than 100,000 customers who take advantage of MailChimp’s open API. They integrated their CMS with our API to allow writers and editors to prepare newsletters on their own end, and automatically import them into MailChimp for final touches and sending. Since TED’s website content is already stored within its CMS, this simple tool is a huge improvement to their workflow. Now, TED’s content managers can keep everything—including newsletter text and images—all in one place. Smart thinking!

How it works

1. A writer creates a newsletter within TED’s CMS, adding original content and/or pulling articles from within the CMS.

2. Once the newsletter is ready in the CMS, the writer clicks Send To MailChimp, which automatically creates a campaign in MailChimp with the appropriate template, list and groups. (Our flexible template language allows them to get specific, so they can import directly into groups.)

3. An editor goes into TED’s CMS, finds the newsletter-in-progress, and clicks a link to Edit in MailChimp.

4. The editor is directed to the campaign within TED’s MailChimp account. She tweaks the content from there to make sure everything looks good, and then sends the campaign.

Interested in integrating?

Use MailChimp’s open API to sync your own CMS with MailChimp. You can also sync your customer database, CRM and shopping cart.

If you want to try something like TED’s integration with your company’s MailChimp account but don’t have developers to make it happen, try MailChimp’s Experts Directory to find a MailChimp-approved developer who can help you get the job done.

If you’re thinking, "Sounds great, but I don’t have developers or the cash to hire an expert," then our Email Beamer might be a good fit for you. It allows you to create campaigns in Outlook, Gmail, or whatever email client you normally use, and beam it to MailChimp without having to log in. We’ll automatically create a draft campaign that will be waiting for you in your MailChimp account. When you’re ready to send, just log in, confirm the details, and you’re all set.