Nov 8, 2010

Target Subscribe Rate

When you take a look at one of your lists, you’ll notice that along with your average open and click rates, we also show you your average subscribe rate and a target subscribe rate.   The target rate is the number of new subscribers you want to aim for each month to keep your list growth "in the black."


Looks like we’re doing pretty well at the moment (whew!) but if your number is below your target rate, there are a couple of things you can try. You’ll want to be sure that your signup forms are visible in all of your different "homes" online. If you have a Facebook fan page, be sure to add a signup form to your Facebook page using our Signup App.There’s also a plugin available for your WordPress blog.
You could also create a fun giveaway to create some buzz around the list and give people incentive to sign up. Here’s an example of the giveaway we did with DesignLab to help grow their list. (ProTip: People love plushies almost as much as they love t-shirts!)

If your unsubscribe rate is starting to dip too far below your target, you may want to take a look at some things:

How often are you sending? It could be that your list is losing momentum if you’re emailing too infrequently, or they’re feeling overwhelmed by emails if you’re sending too often. If you started out as a weekly newsletter, but want to bump it up to daily sends, you want to be careful about how you do it.

Is your content relevant? Are you sending the type of content that your subscribers were expecting when they originally signed up, or have you changed drastically from that initial subject? Straying too far from the original topic without warning can cause attrition. If folks signed up initially to get advice about modifying classic cars, they might not appreciate diary entries from your dog, no matter how cute he is.

Finally, you may also take a look at your unsubscribe survey results to get an idea of why people are leaving the list. And remember, our smarter bounce management methods keep you from losing too many valid subscribers at a time.

Happy list growing!