Nov 2, 2009

Target Emails by Purchase Activity

You can now segment your MailChimp lists based on purchase activity (product purchase, amount spent, or product category):


Segment your list based on customer purchase activity

There are several different ways you can use this new segmentation feature…

Segment by Products Purchased in the Past

You can send an email to people who’ve purchased a particular product from your store:


Segment by "Big Spenders"

And like I mentioned here, you can now search for segments under the "Lists" area of MailChimp, too.

So maybe you want a list of all the subscribers who’ve spent more than some amount:


you can download that list of "big spenders" and make a new list, or do some kind of external research on them in your own database:


Segment by Amount Spent on a Single Order:

Generate a list of people who’ve spent more than some amount on a single order


Combine Segment Criteria

Or, you might combine segment-by-engagement and send to your most loyal customers who spent good money with you recently:


Add ZIP Code Proximity

If you collect address information, you can even add ZIP code proximity to your segmentation criteria:

Activating Ecommerce Tracking in MailChimp

To make all this work, you need to have our ecommerce360 plugin installed (Magento, Zencart, osCommerce, and Prestashop versions available).

Drupal user? There’s talk of a Drupal/Ubercart plugin here.

After you’ve got your plugin installed, whenever you send a campaign, open up the "advanced tracking options:"


Then check the box for e-commerce tracking:


We’ll automatically tag all your product links with tracking code, and the rest is magic.

Email Marketing ROI Reports

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all the great segmentation options, you should activate our Analytics360 tool to get these handy ROI reports for each of your MailChimp campaigns:


We basically calculate how much money the email campaign cost, and compare it to how much money your campaign made.

You can totally print this report out and leave it on your manager’s desk with a little sticky note that says, "why I deserve a raise."