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Featured Integrations: May 2017

Here at MailChimp, we’re passionate about music. In fact, we love music so much that we even started our own internal radio station so we can all live out our secret dream of being a disc jockey for a day. Many of us play in a band or have a musical side project we dedicate our free time to, so we understand how hard it can be to get your voice heard as a musician. This month, we’re highlighting integrations to help you generate more ticket and merchandise sales or spread the word about your next performance, album release, or world tour.

Introducing Order Notifications

If you sell stuff online, you know how important it is to provide your customers with a delightful, stress-free shopping experience, from the moment they start filling up their cart all the way through to checkout. Today, we’re excited to introduce Order Notifications, a new automation that will help you improve the shopping experience for …

Make the Most of Your Holiday Marketing with Our Helpful Tips

For many businesses, the holidays are one of the most hectic—and important—times of the year. A successful holiday season can ensure the calendar year ends on a high note for your business, but it can also generate positive momentum that you can build on for the future. Even though the holidays are technically still a …

Using Product Recommendations to Earn More Revenue

It’s been 3 months since we released MailChimp’s Product Recommendations tool (affectionately dubbed P-Rex around MC HQ). In that time, 26.3 million people have received a total of 88.3 million recommended products. Those campaigns have made a total of $1.4 million USD in revenue, and $170,000 of that revenue—more than 12%—came from people who bought or clicked on …

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