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7 Marketing Resolutions from MailChimp Customers

Each of our customers has a unique story, which we love highlighting in our What’s in Store series. Every week we showcase another e-commerce brand, including the tips and tricks they use to navigate the ups and downs of running a business. Our hope is that you can use that information to improve your own …

In Case You Missed It: What’s in Store

MailChimp has more than 16 million customers, and each of them has a unique story. In every edition of our What’s in Store newsletter, we delve into these stories to learn more about each company’s experiences…

From Empathy to Loyalty: Connecting with Customers

We all know there is a transactional side to the customer relationship. Everyone loves a good deal—I know I do. But there’s also an emotional side, which can be even more important to your business in the long run. Customers feel loyal to the brands that they love just like they feel loyal to friends and family. Brand loyalty is rooted in emotion.

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