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Track who Liked your campaigns on Facebook

We’ve added a new merge tag in MailChimp that lets you insert Facebook’s like button in your campaigns: *|FACEBOOK:LIKE|* The Like button has two functions: 1) it enables users to make connections to your page, and, as we’ve implemented it here, 2) to share content back to their friends on Facebook with one click. Once …

New List Dashboard

In addition to all the social stuff we launched in v5.2, we also went through the Lists area of MailChimp and did a little overhauling. For starters, each list has new sub-navigation: We’ve moved a lot of basic information about your list to the first screen, and called it "overview." There are also some new …

Search your list by twitter handle

Ever see a tweet about your company, and wonder if that person’s on your MailChimp customer list? Now you can search your MailChimp list by twitter handle.

MailChimp’s Facebook Signup App

About a year ago we blogged about a hack that allows you to add a newsletter signup form to your Facebook Fan Page using static FBML and your lists’s embed code. But now with MailChimp v5.2 we’ve developed an actual Facebook app that allows you to seamlessly add a signup form to your profile and/or fan …

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