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New MailChimp: Redesigning with Research

Informed decisions require information (that word "informed" is there for a reason), and information is something we’re not short on around here. MailChimp research typically falls into two categories: primary research, which is new research tailored to answer specific questions; and secondary research, which is readily available and relevant research from past studies. Throughout the …

Recruiting Users for Testing with Ethnio

There are several ways we find people to help with usability tests or user interviews. We use social media networks, we respond to people who tweet about a MailChimp feature we’re currently studying, and we send campaigns to a mailing list of people who signed up to help with testing. (You can join that list, BTW: …

Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It

There’s a strong case to be made that as Facebook and Twitter have amassed such huge user bases we should take advantage of the fact that so many of their users are already logged in and just one click away from entering your app. I know that argument all too well because I made it to my colleagues. We tried that experiment, and found that while there are some marginal improvements to login failure rate, they come with a price.

Recording Mobile Usability Tests

Recently I shared with you guys how we’re getting scrappy with Remote Usability Testing on Mobile Devices. We’ve also been hanging out in coffee shops with our users and testing our mobile prowess in person. We needed a way to record these sessions, and I got inspired by these guys. But I wanted to come …

International Address Form Fields

Once upon a time, our customer-base was primarily centered here in the United States and some of our design decisions reflect that. For example, our address forms use terms like "zip code" and required a state. But these days, we’re noticing that our users are all over the world. In fact, London now holds the title for the highest concentration of MailChimp users. That’s why we’re working on tweaking a few things in the app to be more international friendly, and we’re starting with our address forms.


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