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A Purchased List is a Dead List

Update, 8/1/14: According to the recently passed CASL, purchased lists are illegal in Canada. While they’re still technically legal in the US, they’re at odds with MailChimp’s acceptable use policy. Which means if you use them, we will shut down your account. — As a permission-based email marketing service provider, MailChimp doesn’t allow our users to send to …

Research: Spammy Email Design Mistakes

We’ve been experimenting with crowdsourcing the review of outgoing campaigns from MailChimp’s servers. Within the first 3 days, after sending roughly 7,000 email campaigns over to be reviewed, we ended up with some unexpected, yet fascinating results.

Smarter Bounce Management Rules with Engagement

Email is evolving faster than ever (thanks to changing social and mobile behaviors of recipients and senders), and MailChimp is adapting and innovating along with it. Even in the very un-sexy area of bounce management.

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