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Spam Traps

Where Spam Traps Come From and How They Work

Regardless of how spam is technically defined, we can probably agree it’s unwanted email, and we don’t like it. (Unless you send spam, and then you can go TOS yourself.) In the fight against spam, some organizations use spam traps to find and block spammers. A spam trap is an email address that’s not actively used, but …

Deadly Email Marketing Mistake

Here’s my latest article for Practical Ecommerce. Goes over one of the deadliest email marketing mistakes we see new email marketers make: Sending to old email lists.

Hard Bounces Reveal Signs of Trouble

I just sent a campaign for MailChimp yesterday, and checked my stats. Here’s my personal stat-checking routine: Check for abuse complaints. My list is double opt-in, and I never import anybody, so complaints should be virtually zero. I got no complaints. Hooray! Check the feel-good stuff, like open rates and click rates. I rarely send …

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