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Inbox Inspections Now Free

MailChimp Inbox Inspections now free. Generate preview screenshots and spam filter checks for your email campaigns before you send.

Spam Filter Checker Upgraded

We just added 3 new spam filters to our Inbox Inspector tool: Outlook 2007, Norton Internet Security 2008 and McAfee Security Center 2008. MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector is an add-on that lets you check your email campaign’s "score" with all the major spam filters. With one click, you can tell what the likelihood is of your …

A way to safely send image-heavy HTML emails?

We’re always preaching that you should never send an image-only or very image-heavy HTML email. It’s #3 on our top email marketing mistakes we see people make. But there are always going to be exceptions. You will inevitably come up with an email campaign that’s very image heavy. Perhaps it’s for a big splashy product …

One-Click Accidental Unsubscribes Fix

A little while back we mentioned some spam filters were automatically clicking every single link inside of email campaigns, to check out the reputation of the landing page. The problem was that these spam filters were also automatically clicking our one-click unsubscribe link. While it’s not a widespread problem (yet), we have started to receive …

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