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Using Segmentation to Improve Click Rate and Increase Sales

MailChimp’s list segmentation is a powerful tool that allows campaigns to be sent to targeted segments of subscribers. These segments can be based on interest groups, demographic data, e-commerce activity, and other subscriber data.

While segmenting isn’t necessary for every campaign, it can significantly increase 2 important campaign success metrics: click-through rates and e-commerce orders generated.

Predicted Demographics Guides Strategy for Greensbury

An educated guess about your audience is sometimes all a small business has to build a marketing strategy around. You have a good idea of who might buy your products, and you cater to their interests and type. You might gear your copy toward one gender, or carefully choose your images to reflect a certain age range.

But doing it based on data is better. That’s where predicted demographics comes in for Greensbury.

Stitching Together Data with Gwynnie Bee

Like so many fledgling businesses, Gwynnie Bee started in an apartment. The idea for the subscription clothing service, which rents and sells plus-size fashion for women, sprang from CEO Christine Hunsicker’s own childhood.

Pre-Built Segmentation: Target Your Customers With One Click

A few months ago, we introduced pre-built e-commerce segments—segments with predefined rules that make it easier for online sellers to target specific groups of subscribers and increase the relevance of their messaging. In our latest release, we’ve added even more pre-built segmentation options for both MailChimp and MailChimp Pro users, and we’ve made them easily accessible …

What’s Your Email Marketing Plan?

If you don’t have an answer to that question, you’re in luck: we can help. Starting a business isn’t easy. Long before your first customer makes their first purchase, a lot of time, effort, and careful planning goes into making sure everything is just right. When you’re finally ready to open your doors (virtual or …

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