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Introducing a New Mobile Dashboard

Today, we’re excited to introduce the completely redesigned MailChimp Mobile, a faster and more convenient way to access your data when you’re on the go. Now your e-commerce performance, audience growth, and campaign engagement can be seen at a glance right when you open the MailChimp Mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

How Our New Dashboard Makes Your Data Actionable

Customers tell us they need easy access to their most important metrics and trends—along with ideas for turning those numbers into smarter marketing decisions. Using those needs as guideposts, we redesigned the MailChimp dashboard

How Asthmatic Kitty is Using Email to Redefine Street Teams

When you hear the term “street team,” you might immediately envision college students slinging energy drinks out of the back of a gaudily-wrapped pickup truck. Fair enough. While it’s true that street teams are now a ubiquitous part of Big Brand Marketing, this wasn’t always the case.  The tactics that have now come to define street …

New Printable Reports

If you share campaign stats with your boss or clients, you may be familiar with our VIP Reports. They’re a great way to share online campaign stats without giving anyone else access to your MailChimp account. But sometimes the head honchos need a printed report, because they’ve got people checking their work too. To do …

SurveyGizmo 360

MailChimp integrates with a number of different services that allow you to send surveys via email, and SurveyGizmo is one that we like a lot. They make it easy for noobs to get started but also provide an extremely robust feature set for power users. (Kinda like MailChimp.) If you’re familiar with our other "360" …

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