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One Meeeellion Users!

Yesterday we hit a pretty special milestone here at MailChimp HQ, and to celebrate we gave away lots and lots of MailChimp goodies.

Using Twitter For Promos Without Being a D-bag, Part II

People Love Free Stuff It’s hard for me to believe that we ever thought it would be difficult to give away 1,000 tshirts. On September 10th when we launched the promotion, all 100 shirts we made available were claimed within two and a half minutes. That’s one tshirt every 1.5 seconds. I was well aware …

Using Twitter For Promos Without Being a D-bag

In celebration of of our Forever Free Plan, we wanted to launch a promotional t-shirt giveaway. Free email marketing, free t-shirts.. makes sense right? In the marketing world they call it synergy, but it just seemed like a great way to help spread the word about MailChimp while celebrating our users at the same time. …

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