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Predicted Demographics Guides Strategy for Greensbury

An educated guess about your audience is sometimes all a small business has to build a marketing strategy around. You have a good idea of who might buy your products, and you cater to their interests and type. You might gear your copy toward one gender, or carefully choose your images to reflect a certain age range.

But doing it based on data is better. That’s where predicted demographics comes in for Greensbury.

Looking Back on a Year of List Management Tips

Today, we’re recapping a number of the features, tips, and best practices that we discussed here on the blog in 2016. Think of this as a sampler tray, full of bite-sized, hors d’oeuvre versions of our original posts. Mmm, hors d’oeuvres. And don’t worry—if you decide you’d to dig a little deeper and read more about any given topic, we’ve added the link so you can go back and quickly reference the full version.

Predicted Demographics for MailChimp Pro and More in Our Latest Release

Since its launch late last year, MailChimp Pro has been empowering users to grow their business and optimize their email marketing. It does that through powerful, data-driven features that were once only available to large enterprises or organizations with in-house data science teams at their disposal. (We’re into democratization like that.) Keeping with that mindset, we’re …