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The Making of MailChimp Snap

A few months ago, I was grabbing coffee in the common area with Drew, one of our mobile engineers, when our UX director, Aarron, approached us with an idea. His team had been visiting MailChimp customers with brick-and-mortar retail shops, and he had some observations about how they used—and didn’t use—our product. "When new stock arrives, they often know who’d be excited …

MailChimp Editor for iPad

We’ve launched MailChimp Editor for iPad, an app that lets you easily build and edit campaigns, even if you’re offline.

New MailChimp: Navigation, Search, and Responsive Design

Earlier this week, Aarron wrote about the ideas that have guided our design process for New MailChimp, and one of them was ubiquity. Your work shouldn’t depend on where you are and which device you’re using—you should be able to log in to MailChimp and get to work, whether you’re accessing it from a desktop, laptop, …

A New MailChimp Is Coming

We have a motto that guides our work here at MailChimp: Listen hard and change fast. We’ve been doing a lot of both in the past few months. Last year some curious patterns emerged in feedback from our customers. There was so much feedback relating to the mobile experience. Let’s be honest—mobile devices aren’t just …

Using Gather for Ongoing Events

We recently released our new SMS app, Gather. Gather is a mobile app for event organizers to keep their attendees updated during an event. But what qualifies as an event? We’ve received a bit of feedback about where and when Gather can be used.