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Stitching Together Data with Gwynnie Bee

Like so many fledgling businesses, Gwynnie Bee started in an apartment. The idea for the subscription clothing service, which rents and sells plus-size fashion for women, sprang from CEO Christine Hunsicker’s own childhood.

Introducing a New Mobile Dashboard

Today, we’re excited to introduce the completely redesigned MailChimp Mobile, a faster and more convenient way to access your data when you’re on the go. Now your e-commerce performance, audience growth, and campaign engagement can be seen at a glance right when you open the MailChimp Mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Making MailChimp for Apple Watch

Last month, when Apple unveiled their new watch to the world, my MailChimp mobile teammates and I immediately knew we wanted to build something for it. But we wanted to make it truly useful, not just an app for the sake of having one. New tech toys are fun, but we knew what we made needed utility and purpose. At first, …

MomentCam Encourages Creativity Through Email

Last year, MailChimp partnered with Facebook to support FbStart, a program that provides early-stage mobile startups with tools to grow. One of those young companies was MomentCam, a mobile photo app that lets you snap portraits and turn them into funny cartoons, called “Momies,” that are shareable with friends, family, and social media followers. All …

The Making of MailChimp Snap

A few months ago, I was grabbing coffee in the common area with Drew, one of our mobile engineers, when our UX director, Aarron, approached us with an idea. His team had been visiting MailChimp customers with brick-and-mortar retail shops, and he had some observations about how they used—and didn’t use—our product. "When new stock arrives, they often know who’d be excited …