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4 Ways to Capture an Audience for Your Holiday Marketing

Ah, fall! How it always seems to arrive suddenly, “crisp and golden as an apple.” Now that storefronts are being prepped to look like winter wonderlands, it’s time to get your holiday marketing plan in order. When you run your own business and sell stuff online, the holiday season is often the busiest time of …

Introducing Google Remarketing Ads in MailChimp

In a perfect world, the path your customers follow to purchase something from your store would be simple: They hear about your brand, head to your website, find what they’re looking for, and place an order. But life happens. A phone call, an email, or an adorable puppy GIF takes them away from your site, …

Tips, Guides, and More: The Essentials of Marketing Automation

A few months ago, we made our powerful marketing automation features free for all MailChimp users. If you run your own business, automation allows you to have an ongoing conversation with your customers, giving you more time to complete other tasks on your to-do list. It’s like having a second brain for your business that …

We Merged Automations with Campaigns. Here’s Why.

Every week, 10,000 businesses create their first marketing automation in MailChimp. From recapturing sales with an abandoned cart series to finding a new audience with Facebook and Instagram ads, our automation features help mind your marketing, so you can get back to minding your store. It’s like another employee for your growing company, except marketing …

Making the Leap from Brick and Mortar to E-Commerce with UOI Boutique

The term "millennial" tends to divide members of the generation it’s been ascribed to: Some accept the label, others reject it. Kaitlyn Blum not only wears the label proudly, but she also cites it as one of the main reasons she was able to easily translate her brick-and-mortar clothing boutique to an online store.

“As a millennial, I live on the internet,” she says. “I’m also my target audience, which makes my job a million times easier.”

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