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Mailchimp V5

Unsubscribe Survey Translations

One of the features we recently implemented in MailChimp V5 is an unsubscribe survey so that your users can tell you why they no longer want to receive your emails. While this feature is a step in the right direction, it clearly doesn’t help our international users to only have the form available in English. …

Default Date Format Options

MailChimp is a truly global app with an extensive international user base, and many of the features we’ve launched in V5 are elegantly implemented with our worldwide community in mind. For example, Timewarp lets you schedule email campaigns by recipient time zone thanks to our geolocation technology. And then using this geolocation data, you can actually …

MailChimp’s Design Genius

When MailChimp first started out, it was designed specifically for web designers and the way they think. That logic was reflected in the process for setting up a campaign– starting with a header image, based on a grid, and with the notion that our users would have an idea for the overall look and feel …

Flickr Integration With MailChimp

In the MailChimp V5 release, we’ve made it super easy to link your Flickr photos to your MailChimp account, pull them into your image gallery, and use ’em in your email campaigns.