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Cultivating Equity with MailChimp Community College

This week marks the start of MailChimp Community College in partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Over the next few months, a cohort of 12 MailChimp employees will have the opportunity to think broadly about equity in our community. To explore what that means for a city like Atlanta, civic leaders, nonprofit executives, community organizers, and seasoned philanthropists will address topics like infrastructure and education, as well as intergenerational cycles of poverty. The cohort will graduate from the program with a better understanding of our city’s nonprofit ecosystem—and our company’s role in it.

MailChimp’s Summer Internship Program

MailChimp’s summer internship program started in 2013. In the 3 years since, we’ve had the privilege of bringing in some of the brightest, most talented college students from around the country to spend time with our teams. Following my involvement with MailChimp’s 2015 internship program, I had a few thoughts about how we could make it even better. So as …

How MailChimp University Helps Us Stay Weird and Grow Strong

Weirdness is part of who we are at MailChimp. Our employees are creative, intelligent, independent people. We love what we do and treat each other with respect and generosity. We just do things differently. And as one of MailChimp’s 2 talent mentors, nurturing that difference is part of my job. For the past few years, the …

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