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Predicted Demographics Guides Strategy for Greensbury

An educated guess about your audience is sometimes all a small business has to build a marketing strategy around. You have a good idea of who might buy your products, and you cater to their interests and type. You might gear your copy toward one gender, or carefully choose your images to reflect a certain age range.

But doing it based on data is better. That’s where predicted demographics comes in for Greensbury.

Grow Your MailChimp List With Facebook Ads

Email acquisition platform Privy recently analyzed 250,000 of their clients’ email signups to figure out where they were coming from. They compared 4 of the most common channels: business website, Twitter, organic Facebook posts, and paid Facebook ads. What did they find? “If your goal is pure email list growth," they said, "Facebook is a great channel to focus on after …

Getting More Out of List Stats

If you’ve been using MailChimp for a little while, you’ve probably noticed this handy little "List Growth" graph in your account that shows how your lists are growing over time. At first glance, this chart shows you stats across your entire account, but if you’d like some insight into a particular list, you can select …

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