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Introducing MailChimp’s Email Template Reference

When first I started working at MailChimp four years ago, I had never even coded an HTML email. Sure, I’d been involved in web design since the late ’90s, but emails are a different beast altogether. The learning curve was steep, in large part because documentation on the "art" of HTML email was scattered at …

Think Vitamin’s Newsletter Makeover

Here at MailChimp, we’re big fans of all the articles and news that come out of Think Vitamin, Carsonified’s blog about the web. As you can imagine we’re also pretty excited that they’ve chosen us as their ESP. Over the past few months though, we were a little sad every time their newsletter landed in …

MailChimp’s Design Genius

When MailChimp first started out, it was designed specifically for web designers and the way they think. That logic was reflected in the process for setting up a campaign– starting with a header image, based on a grid, and with the notion that our users would have an idea for the overall look and feel …

Guide to Creating Custom MailChimp Email Templates

In case you missed it, we recently released a new email template language that makes it pretty easy for web designers to code custom templates using some basic HTML and CSS that will tie into the MailChimp design inspector, so your clients can tweak certain design elements with out destroying the layout or design.

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