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Using Product Recommendations to Earn More Revenue

It’s been 3 months since we released MailChimp’s Product Recommendations tool (affectionately dubbed P-Rex around MC HQ). In that time, 26.3 million people have received a total of 88.3 million recommended products. Those campaigns have made a total of $1.4 million USD in revenue, and $170,000 of that revenue—more than 12%—came from people who bought or clicked on …

Best Made’s Handy Back-in-Stock Messaging

If you’re a retailer, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get their hands on your products. So what happens when a popular item is out of stock on your e-commerce site? How do you make sure the people who want to buy it know when it’s available again? Best …

Ace Hotel’s Thoughtful E-commerce Curation

Ace is a mini-chain of boutique hotels based out of Portland, Ore. But as they say on their gorgeous new website, they’re actually a “collection of individuals,” just like any company, though it’s refreshing to hear one speak to it.

Using Vextras’ Postmaster Integration for Volusion Stores

Let’s say you own an online clothing store. When your customers check out, they’ll get a receipt from you, and that could be the end of the transaction. But wouldn’t it be cool to send them a follow-up email asking them about their purchase or offering them some sort of discount on a future purchase? …

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