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Sneaky Tip: Use IF:ARCHIVE to Hide Content

You’ve probably noticed the "view this in your browser" link we include in our templates to take your subscribers to the online archive of your newsletters. It’s pretty handy in case people can’t view the correct version of the email in their email clients, but have you ever wished you could hide that link when …

How To Guide: Merge Tags

MailChimp offers all kinds of merge tags that allow you to dynamically add information to your campaign, so you can include something like a subscriber’s name, your Twitter profile, or even build an entire campaign with content from other sources. We put together a manual for using merge tags so you don’t have to scratch …

Table of Contents Merge Tag

In the latest MailChimp upgrade we developed an easy way for you to add a table of contents to your newsletter. The * | MC:TOC | *  dynamic merge tag works by pulling anything from your email that is formatted as Title text, and displaying it as an ordered list complete with bullet points. Each …

FNAME merge tag trick

We all know you can use MailChimp’s email marketing merge tags to start an email newsletter with: Dear *|FNAME|*, But what if one of your subscribers left their first name blank when they signed up?