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Delivery Guide: The Next Generation

I’ve become accustomed to weird looks when I tell people, “I’m a Delivery Engineer.” It’s not the easiest job to explain, and I’ve heard all the jokes about trains, pizza, and wonderful-sounding trains that deliver pizza. There are a few quick answers I’ve worked up to help explain what a Delivery Engineer does: “I’m like …

Major Email Provider Trends in 2012: Gmail Pulls Ahead

A year ago, we posted some nifty data about how many emails per month we send to major email providers. Archivists and aficionados can read the blog post here: Major Email Provider Trends Update: Gmail Pretty Much Caught Up We can neither confirm nor deny whether chocolates were involved in getting last year’s data published, …

Are Daily Deals Dead?

We’ve been hearing that "daily deal emails are dead" for the past few years, so we analyzed 4.4 billion emails from more than 2,000 Daily Deals, and condensed it all into 28 colorful charts.

Netherlands Email Addresses Are Changing

EDIT 2: On August 1, 2012 addressees at and will be migrated over to (more information here). We recommend requesting that your subscribers update their subscription preferences since the migration has the potential to generate hard bounces for and domains. The MailChimp segmenting tools help make this much, much easier.

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