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Making the Most of Inbox Preview

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when that beauty is your email marketing and that beholder is an email client, well, things can get lost in translation. Email clients aren’t as consistent at rendering emails as web browsers are at rendering websites. For example, a campaign opened on an iPhone …

MailChimp Holiday Email Volume

This past December, MailChimp sent 14.1 billion emails. Whoa. That’s up 72% from December 2013. Our largest sending day of 2014 was Cyber Monday, when our users sent 741 million emails. Our top hour was 11am EST that same day, when they sent 50 million emails. Cyber Monday and Black Friday both experienced larger growth rates than the month …

Are Daily Deals Dead?

We’ve been hearing that "daily deal emails are dead" for the past few years, so we analyzed 4.4 billion emails from more than 2,000 Daily Deals, and condensed it all into 28 colorful charts.