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Why We Made Our Recruiting Magazine

MailChimp is home to more than 700 remarkable people with all sorts of talents that extend past our work responsibilities. We’ve got comedians, teachers, authors, woodworkers, homebrewers—even musicians!—working side-by-side in our spacious, art-filled office. And our team is always growing, too. That’s why our most recent project, a recruiting magazine, was so thrilling. We may be …

What Equity Means at MailChimp

When I joined MailChimp 6 years ago after running a nonprofit organization, the vernacular of the tech world took some getting used to. I would read articles about other companies and one word kept coming up that surprised me: equity. The tech world loves to throw around the word "equity." I soon learned…

That Time We Made a Bike Share App for Our Coworkers

When MailChimp cofounder Dan Kurzius first visited Krog St. Market in 2014—he was surprised by how many shoppers were riding their bikes to the food-and-retail hall. And with MailChimp’s move to a similar structure—Ponce City Market—on the horizon, he was feeling a little bit inspired…

Getting Hired for Design at MailChimp

If you had to describe MailChimp in visuals, you might use a paint drip billboard, a Freddie made of moss or basmati rice, and about a hundred different T-shirt designs. Then again, maybe you’d use a skateboard deck, a temporary tattoo of Grace Hopper, or a neon sign about coffee inspired by Dave Grohl.

Also part of design: our product, an automation platform designed to be fun, good-looking, and above all, easy to use.

What does it take to make a MailChimp designer? We asked the people who do the hiring.

Engineering Toward Allyship

A couple years ago, I ran my first attempt at an LGBTQIA educational program at MailChimp. I’m passionate about LGBTQIA issues and my manager at the time recommended that, despite being just a junior engineer, I bring that passion to educating my colleagues to work. As a recent alum of Georgia Tech, I got their …