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Engineering Toward Allyship

A couple years ago, I ran my first attempt at an LGBTQIA educational program at MailChimp. I’m passionate about LGBTQIA issues and my manager at the time recommended that, despite being just a junior engineer, I bring that passion to educating my colleagues to work. As a recent alum of Georgia Tech, I got their …

How MailChimp Employees Volunteer Their Time

MailChimp has always been proud to call Atlanta home, and since 2013 we’ve been dedicated to helping it be better, weirder, and more human by investing in people and organizations that add value to the city. Last year, we took our community involvement one step further…

Reclaiming Billboards to Promote Public Art

We get pretty excited about billboards at MailChimp. And if you’ve spotted any of them, you may have noticed that our tastes tend to run towards the nontraditional: shrimp photography, rice mosaics, dripping paint, and simple blue backgrounds (aka “taking back the sky”).

A billboard can be just an ad—or a giant canvas for a public art project. While we certainly don’t mind if people associate MailChimp’s billboards with our product, that’s not our primary goal. Instead, we like to think of these spaces as a design challenge. How might a billboard enhance, rather than detract from, the environment around it? Can a billboard help build community? What would people do if we gave them a big, billboard-sized canvas to share their unique point of view?

The Evolution of MailChimp’s Coffee Hour

Maybe you’ve heard about MailChimp’s Coffee Hour, our Friday morning speaker series. It’s been a staple of our culture for years, growing and changing along with the company. In fact, the last time we blogged about Coffee Hour was all the way back in 2012. Back then, we had around 150 employees and almost 2 million users. We now employ more than 600 talented people who serve more than 15 million customers all over the world. In our spare time, we run ads about singing shrimp.

Five years later, we’re still inviting creative, interesting, weird, and thought-provoking people to speak at Coffee Hour.